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Happy Holidays!

Striving for equitable, eco-conscious designs grounded in history, culture, and community. 

Relics Design believes:
  • In the power of client/designer collaboration
  • Utilizing the circular economy in every day practice
  • Permaculture, biodiversity, and natural building techniques can be used in every project, at any scale.
  • Housing is a human right.
  • The built environment directly impacts the natural environment, and it's our responsibility to minimize that impact and bolster the natural environment however we can with whatever we build.
Sustainability, psychology, and long-term planning are funneled into every design using a process of engagement, thorough analysis, and personalization in all scales of architecture.  
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Three sections of Services offered at Relics, with lists of work included in each service, bundles offered, and project types the services apply to.


Continuing Education Courses

A monthly calendar of the learning and education courses I'm taking. Join me if you find it interesting! Most of them are publicly accessible if you register through the link.

Volunteering Events

A monthly calendar of the volunteering events I'm participating in, as well as a list of organizations I am affiliated with. Join me or an event near you! 

What Clients Say

"McKenna has an eye for detail that I really did not expect; she immediately grasped what I was aiming for and then went above and beyond in her research on the area, the project and even culturally sensitive topics. I really hope to work with her again in future. The finally product is better than I could have imagined and has helped solidify many of my ideas by giving me the language necessary to properly communicate my aims."   
 -   L. Priest, Carterton EcoVillage
From the Material Library:


IsoPure Water - Whole Home Water Filtration System

Point-of-entry (POE) filters are installed at the point where water first enters a household. In addition to protecting the life of your plumbing, it also eliminates the dangers of pollution, corrosion, and sediment from your drinking water supply, this system also makes the water smoother and cleaner smelling.

Hygge & West Wallpaper


Hygge & West wallpaper is created in collaboration with our favorite artists, designers, brands, and tastemakers. Our modern wallpapers are extremely durable, fade resistant, washable, & made in the USA.

walpaper for hygge and west_edited.jpg
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