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Current Projects

A few projects I'm working on for production, for practice, and for sale.
2015.04   E-Cabins

This project is focussed around sustainable design, ADA accessibility, and cost efficiency within a well-designed cabin suited for multiple and various terrains. 


Floor plans and constructions drawings are for sale, email me for details. 

2013.01   The Union 

I'm redesigning a project for the MIAD Student Union that burnt up in January 2013. The design has to conform with Historical Preservation standards, and still remain applicable to the conceptual embodiments MIAD represents.

2014-2015   The Urban Loft

This is an ongoing project, taken from model format and is now being put into digital format. As a studio apartment, the loft design goals were to keep the openness, creative quality, and rhythm a visible and conscious aspect of the studio aparment. 

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