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A variety of projects, from scales of jewelry to landscaping to buildings.
2015-2016  Renderings

A variety of Interior and Exterior renderings I have completed for residential, school, university, commercial, and community projects.

2015.08.22  Celtic Knots

This was a very special project for me. I made each piece as a gift for my bridesmaids, because nothing else seemed more appropriate.


Each pendant is specifically designed and created for each girl. The intent, rather than the aesthetic (however still imporant), was my drive behind these designs. 


As a result of my work, the company that provided me with the chains and stones, Bathing Beauties Beads, is housing a Gallery showing for me on August 5th, the First Friday Gallery Night in Missoula, MT.


If you're interested in learning more about this project, I have a tumblr page dedicated to it.

2014.05.14  Adaptive Reuse- Thesis

My thesis was a 1.5 yr long project of analysis and design, and my very last project before I graduated from college. I redesigned a 100+ yr old rectory to act as a new residence for a couple whose 5 bedroom home was too big. 


This was a very tough building to design with, because of its historical context to the area, the location (right next to workplace: car detailing shop), the transition between the rectory and the factory building without demolition, and the designation of work and play/home spaces.

The ultimate decision was to reflect colors in asymmetry by creating a conversation of materials from one end of the building to the other, therefore honoring the past of the building by physical reuse and attention to the style. 

2014.01-04  Reception Desk

I collaborated with Mark Jankowski, LLC to design and build a reception desk for Well Rounded, a local maternity center in Milwaukee.


The project ended up taking up a lot of time because it was a side-job for the both of us; I was in the middle/end of thesis and he still worked a 9-5.

2014.01-04  Furniture Design/Build

This is a section dedicated to all the furniture design/build projects I've done in the past.


It varies from chairs, to tables, to cabinetry, to food service products.

Other Past Projects

This is a section dedicated to all the past design projects I've done or collaborated with others on.


There's a variety of designs that range from green roofs, interiors, landscaping, restaurants, to residences. 

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