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Design Process


To keep it simple:


Because a building is not just a building, the tendency to make it your own becomes overwhelmingly urgent to some. If a place doesn't feel right, then one will never be totally comfortable. I don't just mean physical comfort, the mentality of comfort is safe, secure, warm, welcoming, relaxing, contentment, etc. It's an ambigious word really, that is synonymous with the things that make you happy.


I find that when I am in a space that makes me uncomfortable, it is a space that breathes dismal, isolating unhealthyness, like solitary confinement, and makes me shy away from staying in that space for long periods of time. That's why beds are so amazing; they're made to make you fact, some beds are so comfortable you never want to leave them! But that's how a building should feel as well; the home you inhabit shouldn't feel sterile and generic. Make it yours, so that your always comfortable. And I can help you with that. 


I will work with you to make the ultimate and best decisions you could possibly make, concerning budget, efficiency, aesthetics, and priority. Knowing you and what's important to you in life, on a personal level, will guide the process I form with you.


Ideas will be reigned in from the imaginary to the real world, so that the home you need is the home that is made. 


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